Woah, idk why I’m that tired.

Been to university.

Went to see the frist two episodes of the new TWD season in the cinema.

And now I’m like…omg I wanna sleep forever! CAN I JUST START HIBERNATION RIGHT NOW? (ya, I know it’s way too friggin’ warm for that right now, but…!)

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"I saw a girl ... FahrLight.. She had that loki costume. The post is over a year old, but I was wondering: how much would it cost to make a similar costume? Or, how much should I expect to pay for one? Do you sell some of your costumes? ( read: the really awsome Loki costume with all the armor from the Avengers)"
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Me and two friends only made the sewing parts, so I can’t speak for the armour, because I have no idea how much it was.

Also, no I (we) won’t make another costume for anyone but ourselves, because we’re not professionals, it took us a really long time to make it as good as we could, but we were always kinda afraid that something wouldn’t turn out right in the end, because it’s way easier if you make a costume for yourself and you can just try it on every few minutes and to check if everything is the way it’s supposed to be.

About the cost - I would be really glad if you’d just message me in private, because I feel kinda uncomfortable to talk about that in public, because I don’t know if fahrlight would appreciate everyone knowing. Also, I could give you more detailed information about how much we spent on which part without boring my followers with details they’re not interested in ^^’


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バンザイ ~好きでよかった~

ulfuls - バンザイ ~好きでよかった~
Album: バンザイ
Genre: Classic Rock

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Marvel’s Chris trifecta

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He’s the top of the West… Always cool, he’s the best…

They Call Me Trinity (Lo Chiamavano TrinitaEnzo Barboni, 1970).

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you okay there pete?


you okay there pete?

you’re welcome~ hope you feel a bit better soon? take care bb! (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

tomorrow everything should be better (≧ω≦)♥

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"throwin' ya some love and happy feels~ (ෆ ͒•ᴗ• ͒)◞ ♥♥♥"
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Thanks ♥ The past two days wore me out pretty much and …just thanks!